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Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge



Wow!! It is so hard to write a coherent review about this book. It was so unexpected, dark, profound, touching and hauntingly beautiful!


In full honesty I only listened to this because I got it for free and heard some good talk about it. But I did not see this coming. This book is easily one of my all time favourite books, and definitely at the top of the list of this year reads.


The plot is so intricate and delicately woven. Much as the Kindly Ones in the story, the author managed to spread tiny clues at plain sight but we never see them until the end. Although I have to admit I was indeed able to predict the major plot twist of the story, but all the other details, not a clue!


The world building is noteworthy as well. It mixes so many elements of ancient mythology and some fictional lore which turned out into a wonderful world. I can’t wait to read Gilded Ashes which is also set in this intriguing world.


I’ve read some reviews that have found this book a tad confusing, but for me the reading experience was almost sensorial. I mean, I did have the narrator, which helped, but this book has so many intricacies that complete the story in such a perfect way. Every story and myth that underlined the tale connected faultlessly at the end, so I cannot say it was confusing, you just have to pay attention to the details.


The characters are so rich! I loved that they were so flawed and that it was a central part of them and the story. They were bitter and angry and were meant to fulfil a tragic destiny, which is Cruel. But among all that they are able to discover true love, which is Beautiful.


They were so deceiving and had so many sides to them, that their relationships were certainly complex.


In the end, they were all a little wicked but their biggest concern was being loved.


That’s the reason I loved this story so much, because one of its central elements was love, not in a cheesy way, but love in all its forms, and about giving up hatred. I felt like it was a little too much hatred on Nyx’s side, but I could understand where it came from.


I would like to add that I loved the names! Especially Ignifex and Astraia. Oh so pretty!


Bottom line, this book is so delicately written it is hard not to fall in love with it and its characters, and I think this was even better as an audiobook.




I loved Elizabeth’s work on this one. She had a beautiful voice with a great accent which helped a great deal in setting the mood for this book. I would dare say this is one of those books that have been enhanced by the narrator. Her narration gave the story an eerie and dark feel, which felt just right for it. Also, the pace of the narration was excellent, because for this kind of story you’ll need a calm pace.