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A Better World by Marcus Sakey

A Better World - Marcus Sakey

This series is just getting better and better! Although I do wish we would know how many more books in the series we can expect because the waiting is killing me! I want to know what happens next please!


It picks up right where book one left us, and as it turned out Peters was right, the world is burning down! Oh God! Why is it that doing the right thing could lead to so wrongful consequences?


Let’s just say that the plot is getting more complicated and that the stakes are higher now. Nataly has taken a bigger role, and I have to say I just love that woman! She is so independent and strong! Being married to Nick Cooper couldn’t have been easy. We see a little less of Shannon though, which made me sad because I also adore her. There are few women characters in this book, but the author has made sure to make them compelling and memorable. They have quite the personality!


But even if the characters are very interesting, this book is certainly plot driven. Which is why this time around we are introduced to a new character, Ethan, who is not a Brilliant but gets his own point of view. We don’t get to know him very deeply but I understand he is there because of a very important element of the plot, and he’s the only one who can tell us about it. We do get some insight on his personality though, because he has to endure some pretty rough stuff. I loved how tight he was to his family.


I dare say that this book has more action and tense moments than the previous one, which makes it more thrilling to read. Nick sure has some hard decisions to make, but I like his resilience and strength. He has a pretty sharp mind which helps him make the right decisions, no matter how difficult. I love that guy! Or more accurately I really trust him.


We also meet another new character named Soren, who is a Brilliant, and boy does he have a neat ability. I can’t recall the name for it but it was pretty cool. Although I understand how it could be a real burden. Nevertheless this guy is a total sociopath, so I wouldn’t like to meet him anywhere.


Mr. Sakey’s world building is incredible. I haven’t found a single plot whole yet, so the world is pretty solid. Especially considering all the scientific explanations it needs. You can tell Mr. Sakey has done a great deal of research for this series.


I really appreciated the little propaganda they included between chapters, it really gives you an idea of what is going on in the world and how are people reacting to all what’s happening. I couldn’t appreciate it as well in the first book because I listened to the audio version, but I missed Luke Daniels, the narrator, this time around. He definitely brings something extra to the story.


Overall, this series is becoming one of the best science fiction thriller books I’ve read and I’m sure this will make a great movie someday. I’m even thinking about getting physical copies of the books for my collection, because the covers are pretty and match.

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