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Illusion by S.M. Boyce

Illusion - S.M. Boyce

My heart is so swelled at this moment, that it’s hard for me to put into words what this book made me feel.

I’m a bit heartbroken it had to end, but I’m also very satisfied with the ending. Although it was a bit predictable, especially if you trust the characters as much as I did, it was definitely the ending I was expecting.

This author has absolute true talent, and with this book she sealed herself as one my favourite writers. I will read anything she writes because she is that awesome. Her world building abilities are astounding. Every time I read one of these books I felt I just dropped through a Lichgate all the way into Ourea, because every place felt so vivid. It almost feels like home by now too.

All the creatures are wonderful as well. They have their flaws and a purpose of their own, and I’m glad we got a nice preview of one the creatures we hadn’t met as a race before, the Isen. They are actually pretty cool, and despite the whole soul sucking thing, I would totally like to be one.

Anyhow, Boyce’s abilities don’t end on magical world building, because the character development in this book is also breathtaking. The story has always been told in dual narratives between Kara and Braden, which is one of the things I liked the most of this series, and we got the occasional insight of a different character. But this time around, the story kind of needed that we got several points of view, and with only a tiny glimpse (I’m talking about a chapter here) of characters we hadn’t really known before, we got the whole picture, you know? Like they were real, tri-dimensional, with a back story, a development, everything in only one chapter! That is genius I say!

I was expecting a bit more action though, being an epic battle and everything; and much like Kara, I wanted a particular thing that happened that I’m not telling because spoilers, to be more spectacular. I did love how they handled traitors and the final agreements. They were a great call.

Overall, this series ending was perfect for a wonderful series. It had all the elements I loved about it and a wrapped-up conclusion. I’m not much of a re-reader, but this is a series I will definitely read over and over again.

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