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Eden Forest by Aoife Marie Sheridan

Eden Forest - Aoife Marie Sheridan

Since this was a rather short novel, I’m going to keep this review short. This was an action packed, fast paced novel that grabbed me from page one and didn’t leave me, actually until I managed to finish the second book in the series. I honestly read this book in one day. I just keep turning pages until I was done, and I was left wanting more.


I like the premise and the setting of this new world the author is proposing. I love the idea that God created a parallel world, although I wished I could be in that world (except for the marrying thing). I like how their magic system is based on the elements, and I’m really looking forward to seeing Sarajane’s full potential. I also liked that even if this novel was a bit short, the author didn’t rush anything. So we can see the characters develop at a real pace.


I would’ve appreciated some more motherly action on Marta’s side. I felt she was left aside and on the account of rekindling with her long lost love, she isn’t behaving like a great mother. She has been rather neglectful. I also don’t understand Morrick’s fatherly behaviour. He seems over protective and rather authoritarian over Sarajane, which I understand, but why doesn’t he act the same with his other children?


Finally, the relationship that seems to be flourishing between Sarajane and I'm not spoiling seemed rushed, I’m trying to rationalize that with the fact that this species only falls in love once, so I guess that kind of insta love/attraction could happen, though I would’ve rather seen it slowly surface.

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