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Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson

Prejudice Meets Pride (Meet Your Match, book 1) (Volume 1) - Stephen Hawking

I enjoyed this book more than I was expecting. It turned out it was the perfect book to read by the pool, which I totally did because it’s summer here. I was so hooked I was up finishing it way past my bedtime, and I was eager to pick the second book in the series.


This is just the kind of book that will warm your heart, and I absolutely was in the mood for this. It was a sweet, funny story about being able to discover the sugar in your lemonade. Even when things seem sour, they have some sweet, so keep your eyes open.


I loved that this book highlighted family values in its maximum potential, and that it also gave a great message on lending out a hand when someone needs it, especially to those around you. Becky, I have come to believe is the ultimate neighbour and we can all learn so much from her sunny disposition.


It was a really nice touch that Emma was a painter. I could almost see her paintings come to life, they were so vivid in my mind, and boy do I wish I could hire her to do my bedroom.


I would like to emphasize that even if the title suggests this could be a Pride and Prejudice retelling, it is only similar to Jane Austen’s novel in that Kevin is prejudiced and Emma is proud. Everything else about them is rather original, especially the circumstances in which they meet.


My favourite thing was that Emma saw everything like it was a painting and I loved her way of interpreting art. Everyone has a story, we just have to dig a little deeper. I also adored the Mary Poppins reference; it was spot on and hilarious!


Overall, this is an excellent story about overcoming hardships, solidarity, and being true to oneself, which is really an advice we should all take.


This is my second Rachael Anderson novel and so far, I’m loving her work.

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