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Rough Around the Edges Meets Refined by Rachael Anderson

Rough Around the Edges Meets Refined (Meet Your Match, book 2) - Rachael Anderson

I really adore this series and I can’t wait for the last book to arrive. I love Sam, so I really want to see her meet her match.


This book takes place around three years after where we left the first book, but I loved to see what was going on with the [fictional] lives of characters that had grown on me. They all felt so familiar. It was like coming home. That’s what I love about this kind of series where the main focus is on a new couple, but we still get to see the characters we cared for in the previous books. This could perfectly be read as a standalone really, but I would still recommend reading the previous book first to get a bit more background on the characters.



This time around we got Noah’s story and I really really enjoyed getting to know him. I loved that Noah was so easy going. He’s my perfect kind of guy, modest, funny, and puts family as his first priority. I really liked that he was willing to sacrifice so much for them, even his career.


I also found it was easy to relate to Cassie. I can perfectly understand where her mistrust was coming from. Past relationships do determine how we will experience the new ones, so everything made perfect sense. I’m really sorry she had to endure some tough things with her previous husband, but I liked that she was not willing to let that sort of thing happen to her again. She was pretty resilient in that regard, and a strong woman we could all learn from.


Becky was the same old good friend and neighbour to everyone, and I loved that Justin, her husband, had a bigger role this time, because I seriously don’t remember seeing him on the previous book. It’s funny that Kevin keeps pushing everyone to start their own business, he is definitely an entrepreneur, or is trying to get the people around him do just that. The only thing that felt a bit unresolved was that we never got to know if Emma did in fact open her own business after book 1. There was no mention about that, so my guess is she did and it was successful, but I would really like to know.


Overall, this book is another Rachael Anderson success, and if you are a contemporary fan, or love warm and fluffy reads that will lift your spirits, then you should not miss this one.

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