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Unbreakable by Elisa Dane

Unbreakable - Elisa Dane

I was glad to finally go back to this series and meet with the Diamond Girls again. The more I read about them, the more I feel they are definitely a cool group of girls I’d love to surround myself with in real life. Plus, I would’ve loved to be cheerleader in High School, if only that option were available while I was growing up. Nevertheless, there are more than enough reasons to think these girls are cool aside from their awesome athletic skills, especially Livvie.


They are all incredibly loyal and nice. Livvie is trustworthy and what I love, they don’t engage in gossip, nor do they talk back in situations I would most certainly have trouble keeping my mouth quiet. That alone earns my respect for them. Livvie is thrown into a pretty messy situation at some point, gossip related, and she never once thinks about talking back. She deals with the situation with the upmost dignity and discretion. I must admit I tip my hat to her and her friends who were always extremely supportive.


I also loved that Livvie had her own YouTube beauty channel which in itself is pretty awesome. I know I don’t have so much beauty tips I could share, I need to see that channel! (The author did however set up a beauty blog you can check out).


In this instalment the author decided to deal with a more serious issue, in my opinion, than drinking and driving (which was addressed in book #1, Ex-Factor). Livvie had to deal with an abusive man situation, which is much more complicated since it mainly involves the behaviour of other people. It teaches a good lesson on the responsibility we have to choose the people we want to surround ourselves right, and tell them apart spotting the signs. It also sets a good example on how to deal with it if that ever were to happen to you.


The romance was good and in a similar style than the previous book. You can certainly notice a pattern there, but I did enjoy very much to see Livvie and Reid grew closer. Thea uthor really wants to make a point on not judging people on their appearance nor their reputation. Everyone has a back story that determines who they are. It is a deep message we should cherish and pay attention to in a daily basis.


The one major point that really bugged me though, was that the author put way too much emphasis in the fact that Nev had really gone a long way from the last book and how happy she now was. Don’t get me wrong, I love a small reminder of what happened in previous books in a series, and I’m truly happy and proud of Nev. But I felt it was mentioned more than what is necessary. By the end I wanted to scream I get it!


Finally I loved how this book put a great focus into family. The relationship Livvie has with Nev, her cousin and her mum was endearing and I really enjoyed the see the family dynamics they shared.


Overall, this series is going places I really enjoy and I’m glad I have the next book lying around to go straight to it.

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