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Defenseless by Elisa Dane

Defenseless (Diamond Girls Book 3) - Elisa Dane

Let me tell you about the great finale for an awesome series. Defenseless was the icing of cake when it comes to the Diamond Girls series. Once again we meet this awesome group of friends, which I love. They are so close and loyal to each other. They are positive, healthy, stay out of trouble and don’t do gossip. Which when it comes to grouping girls is incredible difficult, so I have a lot of respect for these girls.


Sadly, their strengths are yet to be tested, when drama strikes their life. Now they need to overcome their grief together if they want to make to the Cheerleader’s World Championship, especially Claire who is fighting hard to keep it together.


That’s were Ryker Vaughn strikes in. It’s a bit of a cliché how all the Diamond Girls seem to have a knack for nice boys who are posing as bad, but I love that although these boys are troubled and dealing with lots of stuff they are indeed good people. I’m a huge sucker for nice boys and all of these guys (Bodie, Reid and Ryker) treat these girls with nothing but their utmost respect. Which really sets and example with what you should be looking (in my opinion), a guy who treats you nicely.


I loved that each book has their own message, and even if the whole series is tainted by a lot of drama, these girls shine in a way that makes your heart fluffy in the end. This time around it was about texting and driving and its dangers. I also loved that it was also focused on sports. Not also cheerleading competitively but fighting as well. Ryker was a fighter and got into an accident, and I loved how, even if these girls train hard, there was an important issue about caring for your well being more than winning.


Even if at times I wanted to grab Claire and shake her out of her guilt and foolishness for believing she wasn’t allowed to be happy, I felt it was very realistic. I can’t understand all the guilt that well, but I do understand why she felt she should be ashamed to be happy or falling in love due to the situation. I have a feeling I would’ve done something similar if I’d been in her shoes. I love that Claire always speak what’s on her mind and generally she’d be really cool to hang with, so it was a bit sad to see her so down, but it also allowed me to see a new side of her we hadn’t been able to see before.


On the previous book, Unbreakable, I was a bit bothered by how the author kept going on and on about how Nev was so happy know after all the grief she had to endure, referencing what happened in book 1. Well I was extremely thankfully this did not happen here. There are small references here and there about the previous books, which is always nice, but not excessive, so that problem was cleared.


Overall, the Diamond Girls series is an amazing trilogy, with well-rounded characters and great message for teens, especially a great example of friendship and healthy relationships. I am only sorry we never got to learn Erin’s story with Andrew. I feel like she was the only girl missing a story.

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