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Max by C.J. Duggan

Max (Book # 2.5 The Summer Series) - CJ Duggan

This is what I’m talking about! I loved that Max, unlike the other novellas in the series, truly captures the camaraderie between the Onslow boys and their girls, which in my opinion is the essence and heart of the whole series. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the other novellas too (actually I think of all the Onslow boys Ringer is my man!) but they were focused in the couple being formed rather than the group dynamics that is characteristic for the books in the series.


This wasn’t the case with Max. Even if we didn’t see much of the boys, as we do in the books, I loved to finally be back at the Hotel and see a little more of their banter and playfulness. I really loved that Amy took Mel under her wing and that they became fast friends. I think I like Amy even more now. If she were real, I’d love to have her on my side.


I really enjoyed seeing how Max has slowly entered the picture where the Onslow Boys are concerned and I’m dying to see them all together in the final book. Forever Summer can’t get here soon enough!


I loved how you can make the connection between what happens in this book with the other novellas in the series. In Stan you see Max arriving to town, and in Ringer you learn more about Max, his family and we even get to see Bluey and Mel again!


I liked Mel. I truly felt for her. Her dad’s punishment was surely harsh, and I can’t imagine how captive she must’ve felt, so it was awesome to see her finally catch a break in Onslow.


This book has some funny scenes in it and it made me laugh out loud. As all the books in the Summer Series, it was addictive. I was actually planning to read this novella in 2 days, but I simply couldn’t. I had to read until it was done which resulted in very few hours to sleep and a very long day after.


Overall, this was an excellent addition to the series. Pure C.J. quality and I would definitely recommend it to every fan of this series. You can’t miss this one! My only complaint is that I wanted more!

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