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Ringer by C.J. Duggan

Ringer (Book # 3.5 The Summer Series) - C.J. Duggan

What can I say? C.J. did it again! Even better, I think Ringer is my absolute favourite Onslow Boy. I know I say that every time, I guess I’m a bit easy when it comes to these Onslow Boys, but I mean it. Ringer, oh my! He’s just the best. Funny, protective, bold and mischievous, definitely my type of boy.


I’m so glad we got to see this side of Ringer. It was a part of him that was missing from the other books. But what I love the most (yes, I’ll use the word love a lot because that is what I feel for this book) is the process we see him go through. From the lonely ranger of the group, the untamable stud that was unwilling to fall for all the gooey eyed love his mates had fallen into, to a man in love. Quite beautiful to witness.


I also adore that this book was different from the others in several aspects which gave the series a fresh touch. It just adds to C.J.’s creativity. Once again, we are not in Onslow; this time we get transported to Ballen, apparently a town in the middle of nowhere. But this time around, we also get away from the group and focus exclusively on Ringer and Miranda. We do get to see the gang for a bit, don’t worry, they are there, just not that present in this one.


Nevertheless, my favourite part was that, unlike the other books, this one was told from two different points of view. It’s the first time we get an Onslow Boy’s point of view! The stories have always been told from the girl’s point of view, but now we got both, and it was amazing! I really loved it, it added so much to the story.


Miranda, is a whole other story. I felt like a really made a connection with her, because even if all the Girls in this series go through a maturing process, Miranda was the one whose growth was more tangible. You can see her experiencing all those life changing decisions. I loved her wit and boldness too! That girl is not afraid to get what she wants! At first I didn’t get her much, she reminded me a bit about Amy, with being all spoiled and all. But once you get to know her and her demons, you get her.


But mostly, I loved their relationship and to see how it developed. As I said before, Ringer was always the funny of the group, and he didn’t disappoint. The cool thing is that Miranda was up for the challenge. Her love-hate relationship was hilarious and you could feel the sexual tension between them. I dare say C.J.’s writing is getting better, because I felt she truly managed to capture their feelings, processes and essence.


In sum! This is an enticing story that will have you turning pages (or clicking in my case) until you are done! It is a fun and fast paced read that makes an excellent addition to the series. If you are an Onslow Boys fan, you cannot miss out on Ringer!!


*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.

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