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To Love Me by Marcy Blesy

To Love Me - Marcy Blesy

I was surprised to learn that the first book was becoming a series, because it seemed to be pretty whole by itself; and I couldn’t help but wonder what the next book would bring. Thankfully, this story turned out to be pretty great.


As you can guess, this book is centred on Mae and Ty’s relationship and the issues they have to face, all while Mae is in the process of healing and discovering how to live a happy life without the fear of hurting or being hurt by her loved ones.


I think I actually liked this book a bit more than the first because you could really appreciate a personal growth in Mae, not in her life decisions, as in book one, but in how she faces life and what she wants from it. It was a subtle change, but you could tell how she is starting to own her personality and accept herself with all her wounds.


I felt that regarding character building, this book was better than the first one. Mae’s emotions were very real. I could identify with her situation, feelings, and I wanted to throw my Kindle to the wall at times because I was so mad at Ty. I hated that she made her feel all self conscious and crazy for being jealous or being insecure. I mean, in spite of her dreadful past, any her girl in her shoes would have felt those things. That Jess girl was awful! I wanted to rip her eyes out of her face, and no, I’m not violent, lol! In sum, this time around it was much easier to relate to Mae, which made her more real and close. I missed to have seen a bit of other characters as well. The story was centred on Mae, obviously, because she is the main character, but to get to know some of the supporting characters, especially the new ones, would’ve been great.


What I loved about this book is fast paced and easy to read. The words just flow in an uncomplicated manner, and I actually finished it in one sitting. It was just easy to get trapped within the story. The only issue I found was the occasional typos, but no biggie.


Overall, it was a light, fast read, that will absolutely leave you wanting more. Unlike the first book, now I need to know what happens next!


*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.

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