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Pulled Beneath by Marni Mann

Pulled Beneath - Marni Mann

The plot was engrossing from page one, and the story sucks you right in it. It mostly has to do with the fact that the author jumps straight into action. The mystery was promising, and it was calling to me. I seriously wanted to know what was going on and what were the truths hidden behind all the lies, and even though I really liked how everything unfolded, I have to admit I was expecting more. I thought the murder and death would be all connected or something, and in a subtle way they were, but this book was not a chase for the murderer rather than ghosts from the past.


The thing that baffled me the most, was that with all the great potential the mystery in itself hold, it was kind of left a little behind and the story focused for like 70% of the book in Saint’s secrets. I just couldn’t understand how Drew, after discovering all the lies that founded her entire existence could just lay still and not raise hell trying to uncover the answers and the truth. I get that she was hurting and in shock, but I would’ve done so much more to learn the truth.


The romance was good. I did enjoy witnessing how Drew’s relationships were unfolding, and how she was beginning to build a life again. I loved that the story ended so well and round-up in the end; and I loved all the mystery going on, and the anguish and desperation of not knowing. I could feel it.


I felt that the relationships were very real, and as I said before, you could see how they were slowly developing, which added so much truth to them. I liked Drew and Saint, I could suffer their pain and even though I disagreed with some of their choices I could definitely understand them. This book is so much more than a mystery and a romance novel, because it also delicately deals with serious issues like drug and alcohol addiction, teenage pregnancy, family and loss.


I liked almost every character, but I have to admit that Rae just gives me the creeps. She was borderline psychotic at times, and I’m kind of scared and glad that the second book in the series will be telling her story.


The writing is beautiful and flawless. It was smooth, and it easily transported you to Maine and its beauty. I’ve actually never been to Maine before, but thanks to the passionate descriptions I know feel that I know it a bit. I was even able to feel the cold at times, maybe because it’s cold here too, but the point is the author was able to create a world with her writing, that made me forget where I actually was.


In sum, it was great a book. It was enticing, compelling and true, and in spite of Drew’s whiny attitude at times, it held my interest and attention throughout the whole book and I couldn’t just wait to reveal all the secrets.


*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.

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