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Camp Kiss by J.K. Rock

Camp Kiss (Camp Boyfriend) - J.K. Rock

I thought that the plot of this book was sweet and extremely true. It baffles me how the authors, being fully grown adults, could portray such a lovely stage in every girls life so accurately. All the feelings of that time came back to me. I was instantly transported in time and I couldn’t help remembering all the silly complications that bothered me, and the discussions I had with my friends. It was fun to read about what troubles a 14 year old girl, from a grown perspective.


I also loved the dynamics of the story. The romance was soo cute, and the story was simple, yet complete. It had a bit of everything that it is important when you are 14 years old. So it is no surprise that what stuck out the most were the relationships featured in the book. The cool connection the girls from Munchies Manor had developed was endearing. I was wishing hard I could be part of their gang.


I loved Lauren and how she was so honest to herself. Not afraid of being who she is meant to be; and Seth… what can I say? Can there be any more perfect boy out there? He was sweet, caring, understanding, and just seems like a match made in heaven when it comes to him a Lauren.


Since this is a novella, and most importantly, a prequel to book one in the series, the pacing is fast and the book is rather short. I haven’t read book one first when I read this, and it did feel like an introduction to the real stuff that was about to happen so I strongly recommend that you read it with that in mind and with book one available.


In sum, this book will warm your heart up with sweet memories, and will keep you turning pages until the end.

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