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Camp Boyfriend by J.K. Rock

Camp Boyfriend - J.K. Rock, J.K. Rock

Oh My God! This Book! So many feelings. When I picked up Camp Boyfriend I was expecting a light fluffy read, but oh, was this book so much more than that. While it still provided a fun and cosy read, it also stirred so many different things from my emotional pool. It made me angry, and frustrated, confused and happy all alongside Lauren. Sometimes I wanted to jump in excitement (maybe I did) and some I wanted to smash something. This book was so well narrated that everything that happened to her, kind of happened to me, so in the end, I think I grew a little too.


The plot is so brilliantly devised that while this novel provides for a fast paced read that will warm your heart, it deals with the important issues of self discovery, self acceptance and not judging a book by its cover; in such a meaningful way that the authors ensured you won’t forget the lesson.


It is funny, romantic, and absolutely unexpected.


One of its best features though, is the characters and their beautifully woven relationships. Each one is one of a kind, and it is cool to see how good they mixed together. I had stated in my Camp Kiss review that I loved the Munchies Girls, but I have to admit that some of their attitudes towards Lauren broke my heart a bit; and I was gladly surprised by some of the other characters.


But I guess the one who disappointed me the most was Seth. I was rooting for him when I started this book because of how great he was in Camp Kiss, and I definitely wasn’t ready to let him and Lauren go. However, Matt, with his unpredictability and tenacious resolution of fighting for the girl he loves, melted my heart. I have to give it to this kid, he wouldn’t give up, unlike what I felt Seth did. I get that they are two different personalities, and in the end I understand why Lauren was so torn between the two of them. It was certainly a tough decision, and overall both guys are great…decision, decisions.


To sum up, brace yourselves, because this summer camp will be a bumpy ride, but the rewards are worth it.

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