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Camp Christmas by J.K. Rock

Camp Christmas - J.K. Rock

When we left Camp Juniper Point in book 1, we saw that the Divas weren’t as bad as we originally thought, except maybe for Hannah whose heart was the hardest to change. Anyhow, in the end we also get to see a more human side to her, although I was very sceptic about it. Nevertheless, the authors graced us with a glimpse into Hannah and Julian’s lives away from Camp and what I learned softened my heart towards her.


I just love the turn of events the authors followed with this one, but honestly I wish there was a bit more. The book is very fast paced, and the shortest yet, because it is a novella of course.


I loved the setting they chose for this one, and all the action and tension the story had. For such a short novella surely a lot happened! I had to force myself to stop reading so I could get some sleep. But seriously, Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year and I just love skiing, so this mix couldn’t be more perfect.


I always thought Julian was cool. He was indeed a super geek, but I admired how he didn’t care about what everybody else thought about him. But I was glad to see a less nerdy side of him. On the other hand, I will never understand the mean girl side of Hannah. As she said, hurting doesn’t enable you to hurt others. I understand that everyone can be mean at times; I know I have because of my hot temper, but it is certainly not O.K. to put on a mean girl act. So it thrilled me to see she was starting to drop it and embrace her true self. I couldn’t have guessed in a million years, though, that this two would even interact with each other.


Unlike the other books, this one is the first in which we get the guy’s point of view, and I loved it! You know I’m a sucker for dual point of views, and this is no exception. It was cleverly done, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting into Julian’s head as well as Hannah’s. It was impossible to get confused.


On the whole, this book is deeply romantic, fun, thrilling and an excellent complement to the series. Plus it’s free! You cannot miss it.

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