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The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith

This is a sweet, light, romantic novel that will warm your heart. I had a close experience with missing a plane and falling in love in an airport, so this story felt a tad closer to home; but I still feel this story is the perfect mixture of romance, thrill and taking risks. It speaks of a real connection between two people; and although many may think this “insta-love” thing does not exist, I am a strong believer that once in a life it is possible to have a chance encounter with a person with whom you’ll have a powerful connection. I admit that those kinds of bonds are very rare, but when you find what your heart is looking for or needs, you’ll just know.


That is why I felt the romance in this story is indeed genuine, because the author portrays said connection in a way you can feel their hearts recognizing each other. It is not fast, because it was an intense experience that allowed them to share fundamental parts of their history.


I especially enjoyed how the author combined elements of fate with elements of free will. Certainly the circumstances were crucial for the turn of events, but said events wouldn’t have happened if Hadley and Oliver hadn’t made some choices of their own. In brief, the opportunity was created but they had to take it, and that is exactly what life is about, taking advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you.


Lastly, this book also deals with important family issues and relationships; with new beginnings and endings, and the personal battle Hadley and Oliver are going through depicts the hardships of facing those kinds of situations with the maturity only a teenager can have, and how to better deal with it. The characters are real, their emotions ring true, and their behavior speaks of the carelessness and freedom of youth.


Casey Holloway did an excellent job with Hadley, she truly captured her essence. She felt like a teenage girl struggling with this trip and her whole family situation, whiny and mature enough. But she didn’t get Oliver right. Her British accent left a lot to wish for, and I thought the voice wasn’t very masculine. Her Violet I liked, she had this snobbish and nonchalance air to it with matched perfectly with the character. Her rhythm was smooth but constant and it gave the notion of haste in the right moments.