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Destiny (The Destiny Trilogy) (Volume 1) - Cindy Ray Hale

Last week, we witnessed a strong campaign going on in favor of more diversity in books, and of course we didn’t want to be left out of it. So if you are looking for a good fluffy read with some diversity in it, then Destiny is the book for you.


I know religious issues can be a touchy subject sometimes, this book certainly proves how ugly things can get when we take our beliefs to the extreme of prejudice and hatred, but it was certainly interesting for me, to learn a bit more about some religions I haven’t actually been much exposed to.


A fair warning here, if you are not a fan of Christian Fiction, then maybe this book isn’t for you, because religion is a great subject here and there will be talk about God and Salvation. But if you don’t mind that and want to embrace religious diversity and learn a bit more about religious kids and how they are willing to fight for their beliefs and love; then please give this book a shot.


I really enjoyed this book because it discussed important topics like intolerance and bigotry, which lets face is very real, encompassed in an everyday reality. It was really harsh to see how a person can be shunned for her religious differences, and it was awesome to see Destiny rise through all that and get her life together. It really helped that she met some amazing people to ride along. Plus, besides all the hatred and opposition, I can understand why, when you believe so strongly in something, it could be difficult to date someone with as stronger beliefs in something different.


It is weird that Destiny’s parents put their kids in a Baptist school when they are Mormons, but I have actually met people who went to Catholic schools without being one, and even to Hebrew schools when they are not, so I guess, it happens!


I also liked that even though religion was a very relevant piece in the story, this book really is about love and how far are we willing to fight for what we want and for whom we love. It’s about real friendship, and for standing by the people you care for; but what I loved the most was the importance music was given. I’m really a terrible singer, so I do get jealous of people who have the talent these kids had, but the descriptions were so good that I could feel the goose bumps in my skin when they were singing. I swear I could almost hear them sing. I have to admit though; I find it to be really odd that everyone had a piano in their house and that they were all so proficient with music.


In sum, what makes Destiny a good Fluffy Read you will enjoy, is that it’s about determination, resolution, loyalty and friendship. It’s about love and passion. It’s about not letting others dictate how you should feel, act or believe; and it’s about music and the power it withholds. This book will leave you with a feeling that nothing is impossible, and that you should most definitely fight for what you want.

Source: http://fluffy-reads.blogspot.com/2014/05/review-destiny-cindy-ray-hale.html