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How To Date A Nerd by Cassie Mae

How to Date a Nerd - Cassie Mae

The plot is very fast paced and goes straight into action. It’s compelling and heart-warming, but most of all very entertaining. It will keep you page turning like crazy until the end.


I liked how Cassie deals with bullying from a perspective of someone who is afraid to be herself in order to avoid it. It’s funny and quite original, but also has a powerful message.


The romance was also good. It wasn’t an insta love story, these guys had been in love since forever, but didn’t know, and you just have to love how the romance was unfolding. It was perfect how everything came together in the end, and the story certainly added up.


But the best assets in this story are its characters. I loved to witness how they grew and developed. How Zoe managed to accept herself, face her fears and do what she has to be happy; I have to admire her courage. Plus, she’s a very lovable character. I wanted to hug her so many times and be there for her while she was struggling with a very tough decision. I also loved how she blew up her cheeks whenever she was upset. That was quite an original quirk for a character.


I loved the relationship she had with her family as well, the openness and closeness, even when she fought with her sister, in the end she was worried about what an example she was being for her. It was so easy to relate to that part of her life as an older sister.


But my absolute favourite has to be Zak. He is definitely my type of guy. Oh yes! I’m a sucker for good boys, but he is the best! He is sweet, funny, caring, and most of all loyal. Most guys would’ve given up on Zoe, but not him. He was always faithful to the friendship they once shared, and always hopeful that one day he may get her back. Plus he is so incredibly dorky I couldn’t get enough of him. Way to go Zak!


The writing is immediate and engaging. I really appreciated all the pop culture references and how Cassie took special care in telling the story from a teenager’s point of view. It really transported me back to those messed up days when I would make a storm in a glass of water. Though I will admit Zoe’s problems were very real and I was glad how she handled her delicate situation.


In sum, I would definitely recommend this read to every teenager I know, and to all Young Adult fans out there. It is an incredible, light and fun read, that will leave you wanting more of Cassie’s story. My advice: watch out for the rest of the series, because it is promising a bright future.


*Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.

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