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Camp Payback by J.K. Rock

Camp Payback - J.K. Rock

This is Book #2 in a series, so it may contain some spoilers from the previous books.


Camp Juniper Point is starting to sound to me like the best place in the planet. I kind of want to sign up as a counsellor now (because I no longer have the age to be a camper).


Again, we find yet another of the Munchies Manor girls struggling to find her true self, and what was supposed to be a payback summer for all the unfair things life had thrown her way, turned out to be a pay back summer. I loved how that pun worked out for the plot.


I simply am enthralled by J.K.’s stories because of the honesty of the plot, characters and the problems they are afflicted with. They deal with such common, yet relevant, issues in a lighthearted way, managing to sprout a bit of emotion as well. Seriously, their endings always get to me. The plot is deep, complex and so well weaved it worked out as yet another great addition to an even greater series.


The only thing that bummed me a bit was that I was expecting to see more of Hannah and Julian; I really loved them as a couple and felt like I didn’t get enough.


I loved Alex! She is my favourite girl camper so far, and I’m so glad we got to meet her and learn about her story. What I loved the most about her is that she is feisty and won’t let anyone stomp over her. She always speaks her mind, whether it’s in a good or bad way, and I liked that she had no filter, and was always stumbling upon her words, having to deal with the consequences rather than thinking things over in the first place.


I could definitely understand the pressure she felt because of all the expectations her parents and the world put on her, and the feeling that you are doing everything you can and it not being enough. I loved her uncontrolled personality and how she learnt to deal with it.


I loved how, even if from different worlds, she managed to make a deep connection with foster system and local bad boy Javier. How they really understood each other; and I loved how Javier wasn’t bad at all, but misunderstood. I thought her and Javier were a perfect match, and they worked so well together.


It was so cool watching Alex and Javier grow so much, and how their development processes were parallel to each other and closely intertwined. But my favourite part was that Alex’s realizations not only helped her with her peers, but to rekindle her relationship with her mum.


I praise the authors for choosing yet again to have dual points of view. It turned out for the best because it allowed us a chance to witness how Alex and Javier’s story were so closely linked.


This book absolutely fulfilled the highest expectations I had for the sequel of this excellent series which has taken over a place in my heart. This series has enormous inspirational potential, and even if I’m not a teen anymore, it always gets to me in profound manner.


*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.

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