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Losing It by Cora Carmack

Losing It - Cora Carmack

The plot is cute and well structured. It is interesting and certainly caught my attention, but it was far too predictable. The whole "losing it" thing was definitely fun. I really liked witnessing Bliss try to hide the fact she was a virgin. But even if a couple of unexpected things happened, they were just secondary things that didn’t add much substance to the plot.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean this wasn’t an entertaining read. It was a fairly good one, just lacking the wow factor that would’ve made it memorable.

I did like very much the college factor. I think the author really nailed the "last year of college" feeling. The sense of nostalgia, insecurities, and anguish that real life important decision making goes hand in hand with. I mean, I know that you are already an adult in college, but deciding what to do next is very scary.

I loved that Bliss was a theatre major. I actually minored in theatre but would’ve loved to go the extra mile with it. So I adored being able to share a part of that experience with her.

The characters were good. Bliss was funny and a bit odd which made her cool actually. I think most of the characters were a bit extravagant. But then again, I think all actors are. That proves that the author did a good job with her character building. My only complaint in this aspect is Bliss’ name. Really?

I liked that we got one glimpse into Garrick’s point of view; I wished we could’ve gotten a bit more of him, although I think that the fact he was British was extremely cliché.

All in all I think it was a wise decision to have only one main point of view throughout the story.

Overall, it was a nice read. It provided entertainment, but I wasn’t impressed by the story. I do want to keep reading the rest of the series, let’s just say I’m not in a rush to do so.

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