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Halfskin by Tony Bertauski

Halfskin - Tony Bertauski

The plot of this story is very original. I mean I’ve read other books which deal with genetics but not quite as this book does. Basically the story takes place in a future where science has evolved in such a way they’ve created synthetic cells called biomites. The only problem is they reproduce so fast they take over everything organic so when people reach 50% of biomites they shut them down.

I liked that it raised so many moral questions which really border on a line. It’s not black and white. We could really be discussing this subject for a while so why don’t you read the book and we can discuss it later? But honestly, I love thought provoking books as this one. Plus, the world building is amazing. It feels like a plausible future, so it was easy to get sucked into the tale.

There were some weird stuff though, or maybe unresolved. Like this fantasy world Nix’s created or maybe it was real? The plot is definitely unfinished and I’m really hoping to get all my answers in the next book.

As real as the world was, the characters were very human. So imperfect and driven by emotion. It’s so easy to understand what motivates them. They are so flawed it’s beautiful.

I loved Nix and Cali. They were such an amazing team and have gone through so much. Seriously, can a single person endure so much pain in one life? But nevertheless they kept going, kept fighting, and that is what’s so brilliant about them.

I also liked Marcus Anderson. As a character that is, not as a person. He is the perfect villain, but you can see the human in him. Very creepy guy though, just despicable, which made him an excellent character. The best thing about him is that in his mind he was the actual hero, the only with pants enough to do what’s right.

The story’s point of view was alternately Cali and Nix’s, but some time it added some data collected from the Mother database, which was this machine who controlled everyone. Even if those excerpts did add to the story, it was weird for an audiobook narrative. The way you follow a story when you read is different when you listen, you need to be more attentive. So even if I loved this story, for the way it was written maybe it wasn’t as suitable for an audiobook.

Overall, it was an excellent read. I think I’d read rather than listen the next book, but will be keeping an eye out for it. I only wished the author would redo this cover though. It is horrible, scary and creepy! Drives people away from this great story.

Despite my statement above, I think the narrator did a pretty good job. He got the voices right, man and woman, even Mother (the machine). But I thought he did Avery, Cali’s daughter, sound sooo annoying when in fact she was a very sweet girl, and he spoke too loudly at the microphone sometimes. I get that he had to emphasis sometimes, but please, there are people listening to this with headphones. It wasn’t good to turn up and down the volume all the time.

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