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Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

I absolutely love this story! I didn’t expect to love it so much, because honestly I didn’t feel much for Eleanor & Park, but this? Wow!

So original, such creativity, but what I love the most is that Rainbow Rowell managed to turn a dull and mediocre life into the greatest story. In a way is about nothing and about everything at the same time.

It is the story of Lincoln, a guy who is far from being satisfied with his life. He has the most boring job, killer hours and still lives with his mum at age 28, I think? Someone we could classify as a looser. So if you had told me that was what this story was about I would've said, and you want to read that?

As it turned out the answer was heck yes!

This book is about life, learning to value the little details, and finding happiness in the simple things. Is about trusting yourself and growing up, about making decisions, and about finding love where you least expect it.

I just felt so compelled about every bit of this story, I can’t believe that weeks after I still feel that same enthusiasm.

I think I loved Beth and Jen as much as Lincoln did. They were so true to their selves, so sure about who they were, silly, smart and definitely one the best friendships I’ve read about. I love this pair together. How they respect each other, comfort, and support and make happy. I sure wish I could’ve met them in real life. I would love to have them around.

Surprisingly, Lincoln was the one I felt most closed with. I really got him. I understood completely his feelings for his ex, how hard it was for him to get over her, and the overall feeling of emptiness. I loved how subtle his growth was, and it was simply wonderful to come along for the ride.

I loved how the author changed the points of view. I mean, in truth the whole story was told from Lincoln’s point of view, but we get to know and love Beth and Jen through their e-mails, so in a way it feels like we get a bit of their points of view as well. Such an original way to introduce a character. Who knew we could learn so much about a person from just reading their e-mail?


Overall, if it wasn't clear enough, I loved this book. Seriously! Go read it, please!


I’m afraid I didn’t like this narrator much. I liked the rhythm she imprinted to the story and the life she put into it, she really kept the story going, but I didn’t appreciate that all her voices were too much alike. I get that most of the characters were female, so it is hard to make all of them sound different, but sometimes I was confused whether it was Beth or Jen writing, so I would get lost for a bit. I did like her Doris though. She made her sound exactly like she was supposed to.