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Carnival by K.B. Nelson

Carnival - K.B.  Nelson

I almost DNF’d this book, but in the end I decided to stick with it until the end, in the hopes maybe it would get better or get a hold of my interest. Sadly, none of those things happened.


In the first place, I don’t feel the plot was very well structured. I mean it had a logical order and all, but it seems like in the need maybe to spice things up, the plot went a little bit over the top.


Like these awful things kept happening out of the Blue. Pun not intended. It didn’t flow smoothly is what I’m trying to say.


In general I don’t oppose to stories which involve drugs and some excess if they have an educational purpose, but in this book I felt that all the drug abuse and irresponsible and very explicit sex scenes, where there just for the sake of it. Like every part of it was ok, just a different lifestyle. What?


I tend to dislike books whose characters leave me with an unpleasant feeling. I have noticed that whenever a character’s life or personality is tedious, they’ll leave me with this awful sensation that I just cannot stand.


Therefore, it should not appear as a surprise that I didn’t like Charlie at all. I mean she had her whole life ahead of her and she blew it on a whim? Seriously? In exchange for what? A life of drug abuse, irresponsible sex, and on the run. What a trade off that is.


Blue was no better. He was a like a devil, all full of pretty promises that will entice you and drag you to your doom. That’s what I felt happened to Charlie at least.


I mean I somewhat felt he was well meaning, but come on kid, get your business together.


I also felt their relationship was also too much. I mean, I am a believer in love at first sight, when done right of course, but it always has to be cautious. Like you feel the love, but you don’t throw yourself irresponsibly into it.


I also feel strongly that love should be passionate and that true love is willing to make the biggest sacrifices. But again, too much passion in such a short time, especially the way their relationship developed, felt pretty much like insta-lust. So it made no sense to me that Charlie was willing to throw caution and her future out the window to be with a guy she barely knew, was a liar, and could only mean bad news.


Finally I will have to add, it is not healthy to be so attached to your ex boyfriend. Especially when you broke up with him. Weird dynamics there.


The book is not long, and a lot of different things happen, but I found it really hard to get into the story. Maybe it isn’t as slow paced as I felt it to be, but yeah, that’s how it felt to me.


In sum, I really had high expectations for this book. I thought it would be kind of crazy but great, and I’m really sad I ended up not enjoying it. But maybe you will like it?


*Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact.