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All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill

I loved the plot!! I wasn’t expecting anything really because I read the blurb so long ago, and I totally loved it. The plot is very well structured and it gives you tiny bits of information so you can keep on guessing. It is exciting and enticing, and will grab you right away. I mean, time travel, dystopian future, limited time to save the world? What’s not to like?! Plus the intricate plot and relationships between the characters makes this story complex and beautiful. It really is a struggle.


It left me thinking about what I was willing to sacrifice to save those I love. Because this is a love story of sacrifice and commitment.


I loved the characters! Especially how they grow. The character development here is spectacular, and their relationships so rich. You can appreciate all the subtleties of them.


I have to admit there’s some sort of weird love triangle going on here, between the future and the past. I’m sorry I can’t elaborate more without spoiling anything, but it really worked. It was very realistic, and not even because of time travel, but because sometimes in real life it is hard to let go of past loves. Particularly when the love was true.


I adored that these characters were running against time and willing to sacrifice anything. I simply can’t resist characters so passionate. Passion is such an important thing in life, and it must be there for everything that matters.


It was also great that the characters were also able to be compassionate and kind through the worst of circumstances.


I am so proud of both Em and Marina, and completely won over by Finn.


The points of view for the narration were simply a wise choice. Having both Em and Marina’s really helped the story. It provided us with the whole picture which was absolutely necessary to follow this fast paced, action packed story.


I know there was a huge overuse of the word love through this review, but that's all the unexpected love I fell for this book. So if you haven't already, give it a try.


I have to admit I was pretty upset at the beginning of the book because the narrator was making the same voice for Marina and Em, as it turned out the joke was on me. In short, the narration was good, well paced and the voices where very good, both male and female. Nevertheless, even if the dialogue scenes were great, the narration per se was dull. I don’t understand why she used a different voice to narrate than the voice she used as Marina and Em. I mean they were the ones telling the story, so why change the voice? Plus, it sounded like a flight attendance giving information not someone telling a passionate story.